Senator Campfield is one of our state's staunchest advocates of letting you keep what you earn. He has successfully passed legislation to abolish the Hall Tax and the Grocery Tax, and has been able to get the repeal of the State Income Tax on the ballot for us to decide on as taxpayers and voters in November as Amendment 3. No one has worked harder to lower taxes and and here in Tenessee we are the #2 lowest taxed state in the country. That has created a business friendly environment, and we've seen billions of dollars come to Tennessee from other states over few years. His efforts have benefitted us by letting us keep more of what we earn, and letting us feed our families for less. Not only do we benefit from his efforts and insight, but our children do too.

"In Tennessee, we have yet another example of a state that has grown in the face of major economic downturns. Its diverse industries and populace have kept the state strong while other state economies have crumbled. In light of all this, kudos must go to the legislators who had the foresight and conviction to do what was economically best for their state and their constituents. Their work has certainly paid off."

- Rick Mayer

Tennessee: Southern Success Story