Campfield Named 1 of 3 National “2014 Christian Values Champions”

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(Knoxville, TN) – The Patriot Pastors, a group associated with the American Constitution Center, today named Stacey Campfield as one of its 2014 Christian Values Champions, an award given for effective legislation on behalf of Christian values. This year, the Patriot Pastors chose to honor three legislators nationally with this award.

“I am honored to have been named as a 2014 Christian Values Champions by the Patriot Pastors. The Patriot Pastors are a proven national group dedicated to the preservation of the Judeo-Christian principles that made our country great, and it is my privilege to represent the values that they stand for in the Tennessee legislature,” stated Campfield.

American Constitution Center founder Louie E. Johnston Jr. stated, “Stacey Campfield… stand[s] out among the 2,000 good State Legislators in 28 States considered for the 2014 Champion Award. [His] effectiveness as [Legislator] is obvious by [his] body of work prepared…what [he] care[s] about is answered by reviewing the tough Bills [he] submitted and fought valiantly to make law in [his] State. [His] effectiveness as Christian Values Champions is confirmed … and we Thank God for [him] now publicly.”