Proven Conservative Leadership


"Now is a time when we must have bold leadership from proven conservatives. Someone who will not just talk conservative at election time but someone who has a proven record of fighting for those values in Nashville." - Stacey Campfield

Stacey Campfield is a principled conservative who brings to the legislature creative ideas rooted in common sense.

Elected to the state House in 2004, Stacey Campfield is a leader who unapologetically stands for what is right even when others fade or go along to get along.

Stacey Campfield has been a pioneer in using the Internet to better communicate with constituents and the people of Tennessee and connect them to the legislative process, and he will continue to do so as your state Senator.

"Listening to people now, most people are concerned about the explosive growth of government," Campfield says. "I am hearing concerns from many citizens that massive spending and government control programs threaten the way of life and freedoms they have loved and hope to pass on; heightened fear over possible new taxation, increased regulation or economic possibilities such as hyper-inflation.

Stacey Campfield is that proven conservative leader. He is a consistent conservative in support of property rights, Second Amendment rights, pro-life legislation, low taxes, fiscal restraint, government accountability, and free market solutions, and he consistently receives the highest conservative ratings from the Tennessee Conservative Union, Tennessee Right to Life, the National Rifle Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.